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Frank is Down 100 Pounds and Not Done Yet!!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Frank Before & After - 100 pounds difference
Frank Before & After - 100 pounds difference

Frank came to Lift and Live in October 2023 stuck on a weight loss plateau, frustrated, and with chronic joint pain. He did a metabolic test, then began training 2 half hour private personal training sessions per week, mostly focusing on fitness, with the occasional nutrition coaching session to elevate both his nutrition & fitness routines.

In 11 months of 2x/week training, Frank has

  • lost 50 lbs and transformed his physique

  • Increased strength SIGNIFICANTLY, now hip thrusting and bench pressing over 235#s!

  • 90% eliminated his hip, back and knee pains

  • Brought all critical health metrics into the fully normal range

Frank hip thrusting

Frank's Story -

"By the summer of 2021 at age 63 I was up to 350 lbs. My family doctor informed me that I was pre-diabetic and that if I continued on the path I was on I would eventually suffer from full blown diabetes and significantly shorten my lifespan. I was experiencing moderate to severe Knee, Back and hip pain on a daily basis. He recommended a simple change to my diet that began my current 2 year journey that jump started my path to a healthy life and fitness. Roll the clock forward one year and I was 50 lbs less at 300 lbs but I was stuck - the weight stopped coming off despite my ongoing efforts for two months. I was at a loss for answers. Frustrated and desperate I reached out to Larah and Lou at L&L Fitness. "

"How Larah and Lou at Lift and Live Fitness Changed my Life:"

"With Larah’s detailed, expert knowledge of nutrition, we tweaked my food consumption keeping my calorie intake about the same, but actually substituting some of the sugary foods for higher quality carbohydrates and slightly increasing my protein intake to support fat loss and muscle gain. In the training sessions, Larah focused on developing my core muscles with a focus on abs, glutes, hips and hamstrings . Lou concentrated on upper body development and strength training. One year later,

  • I am down another 50 lbs and my body has been transformed.

  • I am stronger today than I was 40 years ago when I was 25.

  • My hip, back and knee pains have almost completely disappeared.

  • All critical health metrics are now in the fully normal range!

The instruction, guidance coaching and motivation that Lou and Larah have given me is priceless. I cannot recommend them more emphatically! I am super excited about what lies ahead. I look forward to every workout with Larah and Lou. We train, we sweat, we learn, we improve… It’s going to take another year. I have 50 more pounds of weight loss to go. But I CAN'T WAIT to share a pic of me at my goal in 2024!"

Frank flexing

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