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Larah Kornfeind


Adventure lover | Animal lover | Wife | Mother of 3 boys

After having life saving surgery when she was 18 years old, Larah struggled with her health for the next 7 years until she learned the ultimate lesson - proper exercise and nutrition CAN CHANGE YOUR BODY, RESTORE YOUR HEALTH, and IMPROVE EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE.

Larah since dedicated her career to helping others find their paths to health, joy and fulfilment through movement (strength + conditioning + yoga inspired mobility & balance training), nutrition, breathing techniques, and mindset coaching. 

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Specialized trainer &
Certified nutritionist

  • Masters of Education, Summa Cum Laude, Drexel University

  • Bachelors of Biology, Magnum Cum Laude, University of Dayton

  • Certifed Corrective Exercise Specialist - NASM

  • Certified Flexibility Specialist - NASM

  • Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

  • Certified Nutrition Coach - NASM

  • Certified TRX Instructor - TRX

  • Over 10 years of Experience

  • Over 10,000 Client Hours

My Story

Ruptured Stomach, then Digestive and Eating Disorder at 18


I was 18 years old, in college, and having what I thought was "the college experience." Despite being recruited for DI softball and walking onto the DI track team, I quit both and ultimately wasn't playing sports for the first time in my life. I did, however, still exercise for at least an hour a day, felt strong, and still fit in the same jeans I wore in high school, so I thought I was doing well. I was 18, having a blast at college, and my GPA for the first semester was a 3.9. Things were going great, right? Wrong. Getting shingles in the beginning on the second semester should've been a sign. But it wasn't until finals week that I was about to find out how wrong things actually were. My sister was on campus visiting, I was on my way to a work meeting, then we were going to grab some lunch. Half way through the work meeting, pain overtook my body that was so intense. My throat felt like it locked up; I couldn't talk...and I can handle pain. My sister took me to the ER right away. 8 hours of testing and not enough morphine later, doctors figured out I had a stomach ulcer that ruptured, and everything in my upper digestive tract was leaking out into my abdominal cavity. Not good - Life threatening, in fact. Emergency surgery at 1 am. The 13 cm incision from my belly button to my sternum was left open to "self heal", since the it was a dirty surgery.


It took about 3 months, but the scar healed. Still went on all my summer vacations, spent a month in Costa Rica and a week down the shore. It wasn't until I was back at school for the next year that reality set in: I wasn't better. My digestion was messed up. Not to mention I was starting to realize the gravity of what had happened and I was pretty freaked out. Doctors said everything was normal. My stomach emptied slower than it was supposed to, but nothing they were too concerned about. Doctors insisted for 5 years that I was fine, despite my inability to keep food down. Though I was not bulimic, food did stress me out - made me very anxious. I physically could not keep food - and even water - down sometimes. Some days, I was fine all day, other days, I would regurgitate part of what I ate 3+ times per day. My weight and body fat were about 140 and 25%, which put me in the "normal" range for each, but I knew I was unhealthy...And I was definitely unhappy. Acupuncture from Max Muenke and regular yoga practice helped to some degree. You could say it calmed my physiology. But benefits plateaued, and I still wasn't 100% better.


Then I met Lou. I started lifting heavy again for the first time since when I played sports and I shifted some key elements in my diet. Not 6 months later, I was keeping EVERYTHING down. Magic? I thought so at the time. But my personal certified fitness trainer education has taught me better. Now I understand what my problems were: stress, poor sleep habits, poor nutrition, poor absorption, excess sugar in my diet, poor nutrient balance and poor nutrient timing, and poor hormonal balance due to lack of proper exercise. Doctors saved my life and I will always be grateful for the power of western medicine, but no doctor ever talked to me about my lifestyle habits. And ultimately, Proper Exercise and Nutrition HEALED MY BODY, RESTORED MY HEALTH, and GAVE ME BACK MY LIFE.


3 BIG Healthy, Baby Boys 

Conception, pregnancy, delivery, and nursing.  It's the miracle of life that we so often take for granted.  I feel very blessed and proud to have been able to experience this miracle first hand.


Diagnosed with PCOS at age 23, I was told I might have a problem being able to conceive.  Fast forward 5 years and I'll just say - there was no problem!  My first - Vinny - was born 9 lbs 12 oz - vaginally despite the  and Kody was induced 1 week early (so he wouldn't be so big), born 8 lbs 8 oz - vaginally as well.  I was blessed to be able to nurse both boys exclusively for 6 months, then in conjunction with food for 11 and 15 months respectively.


I attribute my good fortune in creating healthy boys (and losing the baby weight!) completely to my exercise and lifestyle / nutrition through out pregnancy.  I exercised -with doctor recommendation and supervision - with both weights (modified of course!) and cardiovascularly right up to the week of delivery.  I ate according to APA recommendations according to trimester and week of development - and listened to my body, too, of course!


Diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes


Shocking, but true - in November 2016 I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  Despite my big babies (especially Vinny at 9lbs 12 oz!), there had been NO signs of blood sugar irregularity leading up to this.  Perhaps my proudest personal accomplishment yet (because it scared me the most), I was able to rehab my body to health blood glucose levels in less than 4 months.  


Larah's "New Normal"


My life is a balance of my life's work (helping others through fitness and nutrition) and my family.


I love my job.  Training other and seeing the joy and opportunity that creates for them in their lives gives me a strong sense of fulfilment and joy myself.

My own training focuses  optimizing balance within my own body with mobility, stability, and strength exercises.  I love to challenge myself in ways that give me the best chance of living as many active and full years as I may be blessed with.  

When I'm with my family (or enjoying the rare ME time!) you'll find me outside.  We have built a little farm with animals - chickens, goats, dogs, and cats - and recently started growing as much of our food as we can.  I also love swimming giant waves, hiking/climbing big mountains, yoga, meditative nature walks.

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