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Metabolic Rate Testing & Analysis in Phoenixville & Philadelphia, PA

Measure your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR / BMR) with over 95% accuracy in under 15 minutes.  This is invaulable information for weight management and overall health.

Resting Metabolic Testing is covered by most insurances as an out of network service.  

What Is Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)?

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the number of Calories your body requires to stay alive.  “Staying alive” includes hundreds of tasks, including your body warm, digesting food, building new cells, and getting rid of old cells and toxins.  This is often used interchangeably with BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and REE (Resting Energy Expenditure).

Many factors affect a person’s metabolic rate – weight, age, body composition, hormone levels, fitness levels, and gender – making RMR a biometric specific to each individual person.

Resting Metabolic Rate is typically the largest portion of total Calories burned by a person each day: 

Resting Metabolic Rate + Calories burned from Daily Activities + Calories burned from Exercise = Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)

Knowing your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is a powerful tool in acheiving successful weight loss, building muscle without gaining fat, and managing overall health.

Why Test Your Metabolic Rate?

Mathematic formulas that calculate your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) on only accurate for 37%-57% of the population based on this study.

Metabolic Testing is 95-99% accurate using our Korr Reevue machine and recommeded preparation, according to third party testing.


Metabolic Testing also measures breathing data including 

  • Respiratory rate / breaths per minute

  • V02 - Volume of Oxygen of your lungs

  • %02 expired - 

When a person is attempting to lose weight or gain muscle, it is recommended to create as much as a 30% Caloric deficit from your RMR to lose weight or as much as a 10% Caloric increase from your TDEE to gain lean mass.  You can see how big of a problem it can cause if your RMR is calculated incorrectly.  


This is often the reason “diets” fail, because a person is recommended to consume FAR too few Calories than is sustainable, or a person is recommedend to consume a Calorie amount that does not actually create a Caloric deficit for them.


Benefits to testing include –

  • Identifying the number of calories that will result in successful weight loss with 99% accuracy. 

  • Screening for a slowed metabolism that can identify bigger health concerns

  • Identifying fast metabolism that can be associated with difficulty gaining weight and gaining muscle

  • Metabolic Testing also screens for irregular breathing patterns and VO2 capacity

  • Helps guide fitness training to optimize your physique and health

How Does The resting metabolic Test Work?

Every calorie a person consumes requires a fixed amount of oxygen to be converted to energy.  The KORR Analyzer measures the amount of oxygen you consume as you breathe into a disposable mouthpiece with two one way valves.  The valves ensure that only fresh air is inhaled and all exhaled gas passes through the hose and into the machine. A nose-clip ensures that no air is exhales through the nose so all exhaled air is analyzed.  The KORR Analyze then calculates your calories burned directly from the the amount of air exhaled.

Testing your Resting Metablolic Rate  can help you lose weight, assess current health, empower overall fitness

Prep for Your RMR Test

Preparing For The Test

In order to get the most accurate results, it is important to follow the standard protocol for a Resting Metabolic Rate test:

1. Avoid consuming Calories / fast for a minumum of 4 hours before the test.
2. Avoid exercising for 12 hours prior to your test.
3. If possible, avoid the use of stimulants such as caffeine for 12 hours prior to your test.
4. Take physician prescribed medications as normal.

You are welcome to bring something to eat or drink while we review the results of your RMR Test.

During The Test

During the test you will be invited to sit or recline in a comfortable position. You will be given a KORR MetaBreather mouthpiece to breathe in to. You will be breathing in air from the room, but the gas that you breathe out will go into the metabolic analyzer to measure your metabolic rate.

1. Relax and close your eyes during the test, but do not nap.
2. Keep lips sealed lightly around the MetaBreather. It is important that all the air you breathe out is analyzed.
3. In just 10 – 15  minutes, your metabolic rate will be measured!


Test Results

Your test results will be printed, provided to you immediately upon completion of the test, and reviewed with you by a Certified Nutritionist if you choose to do so.

RMR Test Fees

Resting Metabolic Rate testing is covered by many health insurance plans using CPT Code #94690

The current fee* for an RMR Test and review of results is $138.00 

The current fee* for an RMR Test Only is $80.50 (available with refferal from a wellness professional)

The current fee* for an RMR Re-Test is 4 credits.  Pricing varies depending on package.

The RMR Test fee includes:

  • KORR Metabreather mouthpiece – reusable your metabreather on future tests and save $20!

  • RMR Test

  • Printed RMR Test Results sheet

  • Review of your results with a certified nutritionist (typically takes 30-45 minutes)

  • Optimize Your Metabolism Guide – Over 25 pages with “done for you” meal plans and workout plans and tips to optimize your metabolism

The “test only” rate* does not include a metabreather, meeting with nurtionist to review results, or Optimize your Metabolims Guide.

To submit for reimbursement, call your insurance company and ask how to submit the receipt for an “oxygen uptake test, CPT code #94690”.

*Current as of 7/1/2022.  Fees may have changed since publishing this webpage. 

How To Convert RMR Test Results Into Real Life Results

Knowing target Calories is a great start, but health and nutrition involves a LOT more than just hitting target Calories.

At Lift and Live Fitness, we also offer nutrition coaching and life coaching to help you turn your RMR test results from just a target calorie range into a functional meal plan that gives you the results you are after.

Get started today!  Take the first step by telling us more about you by completing the health and fitness questionnaire.  Once we get your responses, we’ll reach out to take the next step.

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Free intro session

Meet with


Interested in more than just a Metabolic Test? Take the opportunity to meet with one of our trainers, tour the facility, and let us take you through a few assessment exercises.  We will answer any questions and offer options Lift and Live can offer to help you reach your goals.  

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