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Mindy Katz


dog lover | empath | healer | single mom of 2

Mindy is a high energy pre & post natal certified fitness professional with a holistic approach to fitness. She aims to create fun and engaging workouts for groups and individuals which challenge the body, change mindset, and enrich the spirit.

Mindy loves to train calorie burning cardio combined with compound bodyweight exercises. She is all about balance, in the body and in every aspect of life. As a trainer, she balances being supportive while still pushing you to take it up a level. She believes in making work outs fun and goals attainable, and strives for every person leaving a session to feel accomplished and hopeful, never defeated.

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Specialized trainer &
weight loss Nutritionist

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My Story

I’ve always been a high energy being! I was constantly on the go and pushing limits, playing basketball and softball, stepping outside my comfort zone by throwing shotput in track and field and beginning a personal yoga practice while in middle and high school.
I’ve been obsessed with the woods since I was little and am an avid hiker and trail runner. And I’ve recently discovered that I LOVE kayaking. Usually with the intention of relaxing, but It always ends with a race, of course! I work cardio in everywhere and every day!

We all sometimes hit road blocks on our journey. Despite my mind always pushing it up a level, my body couldn’t always keep up! At 15, I had my first surgery to remove bone segments that broke off and lodged in my knee joint due to a sports related disease called Osteochondritis Dissecans. I recovered well, despite my teenage self totally pushing it too far and not slowing down at all!! But I had to be more cautious in my choices moving forward as it would be my new normal. I had my second surgery to remove more lodged bone segments at 30. At this time, I was diagnosed with arthritis and it was predicted I would need knee replacement in ten to fifteen years.
Add to this migraines, Lyme disease twice, severely herniated discs in my lower back and a set of ribs that are inclined to pop out of place…’d think I would have just sat down and said nope.

But I didn’t, and I didn’t quit. I stayed active but careful.
I did feel totally inhibited by my body and the many issues I had to monitor and work around.
It kept me healthy and happy. But then when my kids were still little, I decided that I needed to do something active and something new just for me, something more than yoga and hiking and long stroller walks, something to shake up my routine.
So I jumped out of my comfort zone again and tried a large group mixed martial arts inspired fitness class. I loved it!! Like obsessively, loved the sweat and the energy and the people and the rush!! Three years later, I started taking and eventually teaching CardioKickBoxing classes, training in TangSooDo where I earned my black belt 5 years later at 44 years old, and training 3 years in Brazilian JiuJitsu where I earned a blue belt at 43.

Despite all the excuses I could have used, I didn’t give up and I didn’t pity myself. I paid attention, I took the modifications my body needed, I kept reasonable goals and kept an eye on the big picture.

My favorite part of being a trainer is seeing someone smile a sweaty smile of motivation when they feel proud and see results!!
With over 5 years experience teaching large, small and one-on-one kickboxing, cardio and bootcamp conditioning classes, I’ve had the honor of training so many amazing and inspiring people of all ages and fitness levels.

My hope is that my energy, my drive, and my passion are contagious! I hope to make an impact and be an advocate for YOU to feel healthy and strong too.

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