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Lifting Weights
Lifting Weights

Private Personal Training

Private Personal Training is ideal anyone wanting fully customized training to work directly towards their personal goals, especially for advanced clients or when recovering from an injury.

Private Personal Training

Your training sessions at LIFT and LIVE will likely be different than any other workout or personal training session you’ve completed before. 


All training sessions take place in a private training area approximately 800 square feet and fully equipped training - free weights, cable machines, barbell set up, resistance bands, TRX bands, accessories, plus plenty of space of body weight exercises, too.


It will be just you and your trainer in the training space. 

This means

  • No waiting around for gym equipment to be available

  • No worrying about anyone watching you or listening to your conversation

  • You can move at the right pace for your goals.

Lift and Live Fitness offers 25, 40, and 55 minute 1 on 1 private personal training sessions.   

All personal trainers at Lift and Live are fully qualified to guide you ​to be able to thrive in everyday life.  


Thriving in everyday life means having the energy, strength, and stamina to do what you want to do.  This is called General Fitness.  General Fitness Training involves developing a foundation of mobility, core strength, cardio-vascular fitness, to be able to coordinate and complete basic strength exercises (squats, deadlift, overhead press, and chest press) at the fundmental level.  Shockingly, less than 20% of the American population currently meets general fitness standards.  

Lift and Live is proud to offer very experienced and specialized trainers capable of helping you acheive the following specialized goals: 

  1. POSURE TRAINING - Optimizing posture involves optimzing spine, shoulder, and hip movement.  Clients who pursue posture training report experiencing relieved pain, increased tone in shoulders, core, and hips, and improved breathing patterns.  

  2. CORRECTIVE EXERCISE - If you already have imbalances or previous injuries – we offer trainers certified in Corrective Exercise who can work with you to improve shoulder, spine, and hip balance to reduce pain, improve balance, and prevent future injury.  Corrective exercise follows a 3 step process of (1) mobilize tight / overused muscles, (2) activate muscles that are weak / underused, and (3) train compound movements to utilized muscles in proper balance

  3. PRE-POST NATAL TRAINING - There may be no more important time to be exercising than prior to becoming a mom and shortly after delivering a baby.  The female body undergoes enourmous changes during this miraculous time.  Supporting the pre-post natal body can help make pregnancy more comfortable, delivery as quick as possible, and can help the body minimize the occurance of and and expedite the recovery from diastasis recti and incontinence issues that are commonly result from full term pregnancy.  


You have to experience Private personal Training at Lift and Live to know if it’s right for you.  

We offer a free introductory session to anyone interested in private personal training.  Simply complete this form and we'll reach out to offer you dates and times to get started.  

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Free intro session

Meet with


Take the opportunity to meet with one of our trainers, tour the facility, and let us take you through a few assessment exercises.  We will answer any questions and offer options Lift and Live can offer to help you reach your goals.  

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