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Services & Pricing

Everything we offer at Lift and Live is geared to support you becoming healthier and stronger.  As your overall health and strength increases, your mind and body will be empowered to live better - free from mental and physical illness, looking & feeling as you wish, and living the life you envision.  

we now take health insurance

Services at Lift and Live have the power to improve your mental and physical health as much as or more than therapy or medication prescribed by a doctor*.

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HSA/FSA coverage

We can accept funds from your HSA or FSA accounts, creating an average savings of 30%! If you qualify, you can get a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) defining services received from Lift and Live as a "qualified medical expense." Get this letter from your own doctor then submit to it your insurance or see if you qualify through our partners by clicking the button below.

mental health coverage

One of our staff members - Larah Kornfeind, M.Ed - is contracted by a psychology practice to evaluate clients for how mental stress impacts their physical body. Depending on the results of your evaluation, you can qualify for services to reduce psychophysiological stress, including breathing coaching, nutrition coaching, and exercise training.  

*This statement is not intended to devalue the effectiveness of therapy and medication, only to summarize the results of studies which concluded exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle intervention can be as effective as or more effective than therapy or medication alone:

Exercise for Depression | Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes  |  

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Our credit based system allows the ultimate in flexility so you can choose the services that are best for you as you go.  

New clients start with a New Client Trial that includes 19 credits - suggested to be used for a Metabolic Test & initial coaching session, then 8 credits for private or group training.  To continue training beyond the trial, you'll choose which package is best for you based on how the commitment you want to make towards working with and having the support from Lift and Live to  reach your health and fitness goals.  

Credits are deducted from your package based on the service you schedule, just like being at an arcade!

Please contact Larah to make a purchase with a payment plan or using health insurance. 

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