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Services & Pricing

Everything we offer at Lift and Live is geared to support you becoming healthier and stronger.  As your overall health and strength increases, your mind and body will be empowered to live better - free from illness, looking & feeling as you wish, and living the life you envision.  


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Our credit based system allows the ultimate in flexility so you can choose the services that are best for you as you go.  

New clients start with a New Client Trial that includes a Metabolic Test, initial coaching session, then 8 credits for private or group training.  To continue training beyond the trial, you'll choose which package is best for you based on how the commitment you want to make towards working with and having the support from Lift and Live to  reach your health and fitness goals.  

We offer payment plans with a credit card on file for all packages.

Credits are deducted from your package based on the service you schedule, just like being at an arcade!

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