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Welcome to Lift and Live Fitness

The facility offers 3 fully equipped separate private spaces (each 800-1000 square feet) to accommodate all fitness levels and ages 12 up to senior. 
Each training space is limited to 1 trainer at at time - so you can be sure you're workout will be private, safe, and uninterrupted by other members:


Everything we offer at Lift and Live is aimed at improving your overall health in promotion of total wellness, prevention of disease, and treatment of disease in conjunction with health care professionals.  As your fitness and nutrition improves, you'll feel better, you'll look better, and you're entire quality of life will be improved.  Learn More >

Our Services

Personal Training
In Home Training
Group Fitness Classes
Nutrition Coaching

Standardized Fitness Assessment
Corrective Exercise
Heart Rate Variability Training
Corporate Wellness
Metabolic Testing
V02 Max Testing

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