Weight loss is the #1 New Year’s resolution, but only 20% of weight loss resolvers are still working on it come February.  Why?  Because most diets fail to give results that are worth the effort. 

Metabolic testing and body fat measurement gives your exact Calorie and Protein target.  Combine that with one of the meal plans created by a Lift and Live nutritionist and you will be guaranteed to lose weight.

How is Metabolic Testing Different?

Mathematic formulas that calculate your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) on only accurate for 37%-57% of the population based on this study.

Metabolic Testing is 91-99% accurate using our Korr Reevue machine and recommended preparation, according to third party testing.

When a person is attempting to lose weight or gain muscle, it is recommended to create as much as a 20% Caloric deficit from your RMR to lose weight or as much as a 10% Caloric increase from your TDEE.  You can see how big of a problem it can cause if your RMR is calculated incorrectly.  This is often the reason “diets” fail, because a person is recommended to consume FAR too few Calories than is sustainable, or a person is recommended to consume a Calorie amount that does not actually create a Caloric deficit for them.

Benefits to testing include –

  • Identifying the number of calories that will result in successful weight loss with 99% accuracy. 
  • Screening for a slowed metabolism that can identify bigger health concerns
  • Identifying fast metabolism that can be associated with difficulty gaining weight and gaining muscle
  • Metabolic Testing also screens for irregular breathing patterns and VO2 capacity
  • Helps guide fitness training to optimize your physique and health

Success Stories

Literally 100% of clients who have followed our meals plans based off their Metabolic Testing results have lost significant amounts of weight.

Emma, 25 year old prior college athlete, gained 20 pounds in the year following college after shifting from daily 2 hour practices to a full time job, and didn’t know how to stop gaining weight, let alone lose some of what she gained.  She dropped from 130 pounds to her goal weight of 120 pounds in just 5 weeks following her Metabolic test at Lift and Live Fitness.

Kim was over 300 pounds.  She was at her heaviest after many years of ups and downs.  She had lost weight before but it was always extreme and didn’t feel sustainable.  She was working with a dietician but had plateaued.  Following her metabolic test at Lift and Live, she has been losing 3-4 pounds per week since she started 12 weeks ago, with no signs of slowing!  She is not hungry, has more energy, and is thrilled to be eating “normal food” so she didn’t have to shut down her social life to be able to lose weight!

Frank was on a strict Calorie controlled diet and going to the gym 5 days per week but was stuck at 300 pounds.  After his metabolic test we confirmed his Calorie amount was accurate, but his meal plan needed to be adjusted.  Since then, he’s been losing 2-3 pounds per week, his workouts have improved significantly, and he’s the lightest he’s been in years!

Ricardo kept losing and gaining the same 10 pounds.  After his metabolic test at Lift and Live, he was able to break through that wall!  He also felt more energy and his strength improved significantly in the gym!

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