1. Lara Robins Beautiful Blushing Bride

    * With L&L fitness on your side - there is nothing but success in your future! At L&L fitness you receive personal attention and their commitment as they help you obtain your goals. The support, education and motivation on nutrition and fitness I received were instrumental in helping me reach my goals. They helped me become a stronger and better person mentally, as well as physically. I am…Read More

    Lara Robins Beautiful Blushing Bride
  2. I do not benefit from this endorsement. Just spreading word about something good.

    * I've been attending personal training sessions there 2-3 times a week, initially to jump start my need to get into shape for last month's MS Ride. That was successful. Now my objective is to reach short term goals pertaining to weight, strength and overall quality of being. At almost 50, I needed help with motivation and this is what I have found here - not to mention camaraderie and laughter. T…Read More

    David Yarnall