1. Lifting at L&L has made me sane again

    I never wanted to be strong or especially thin. I went to them to be healthy. Thanks to Lift and Live - they helped make this a reality. I also have not done weightlifting since high school so I was very hesitant that this would be a good fit and was pleasantly surprised. The results have been unexpected and much appreciated. L&L is good.  I have 3 kids - lifting at L&L has made me sane a…Read More

    Jon Work
  2. The Positive Change that my Family Needed

    L&L Fitness has truly been the positive change that my family needed. Their combination of fitness and nutrition knowledge with community resources make their business highly dynamic. They create a comfortable atmosphere to work out and discuss your path to health. Plus, they create individual goals to meet your changing needs. After working out with them for the past year, I have been thrille…Read More

    Janel Work
  3. Thinner, Stronger, and more Energy than in my 30’s

    It's hard to believe that it's coming up on 3 years that I've been training with L&L, mainly because I wouldn't have imagined myself doing ANY form of exercise consistently for 3 years. But here I am, not just thinner than I was in my 30's, but stronger and with more energy. Thank you to Lou, Larah, and Dani for making me work harder than I thought I could (and listening to me complain the ent…Read More

    Shannon Burgess