Semi – Private personal training offers many of the benefits of personal training in a group of 2-4 people.

You can expect the same:

  • Customized progressive training program
  • Form coaching for safety and results
  • Accountability and encouragement

This setting is ideal for someone who wants the support of a Lift and Live Personal Trainers, but also enjoys the comraderie and challenge of working out with other people.

All semi-private sessions are 45 minutes long.

We Offer 3 Different Types of Semi-Private Training

All of the classes are 45 minutes geared towards you achieving the body and fitness level you want!
Chose the class or combination that is right for you!

  1. TONE – Grab the weights, bands, and other accessories to activate your muscles and put them to work!  Glute amnesia?  We can fix that!  Can’t seem to tone that lower core region?  We got you!  TONE is all about connecting mind to muscles & developing functional strength so you can do more things in life.  You’ll become more balanced and stable, optimize your hormones, and find a new level of confidence as you become able to do things you couldn’t before!
  2. BOOTCAMP – We offer a “traditional bootcamp” and a “box bootcamp”.  In both options, you’ll get sweaty, you’re heart rate will rise, but the biggest physical challenge will be pushing through the BURN!  You’ll use your own body weight and accessories to burn a ton of calories, melt fat, and give your metabolism a boost so you keep burning those calories long after you leave!
  3. Yoga Inspired STRETCH – Everyone knows yoga is great for flexibility.  This class focuses on opening joints in the body that get tight from lifting and from life – especially hips, spine, and shoulders.  You’ll feel your body open up, release pain, and create access to new movements for balance, tone, and well-being!

Group Training Pricing Options:

  • Packages – expire after 12 months.  Payment plans available.  
    3 session NEW CLIENT TRIAL – $89
    10 sessions – $35 / session
    25 sessions – $32 / session – includes 50% off Resting Metabolic Test and FREE meal plan
    50 sessions – $30 / session – includes FREE Resting Metabolic Test and FREE meal plan

  • 6 week series – $150 – Includes 6 sessions on preferred day / time plus FREE meal plan
    Offered twice per year – Early Spring (March / April) and Early Fall (September / October)

    Week 1 – Breath & Belly
    Week 2 – Hitting the target muscle group – Part 1
    Week 3 – Hitting the target muscle group – Part 2
    Week 4 / 5 / 6 – Putting it all together

  • 60 day slim down – $299 – Includes 18 sessions, pre & post challenge check in plus FREE meal plan
    + add on custom nutrition – $95 – Includes metabolic test, custom meal plan, and 1 private nutrition session (25% discount)
    Offered twice per year – Late Spring (April / June) and Late Fall (November / December)