Max of 8 People in a Group plus SIMPLY FIT Total Nutrition Meal Plan

In the past 5 1/2 years, we have worked with over 200 women in private personal training to change their bodies from the inside out. Through training, they have been able to

  • Grow booties, shrink bellies, and shape arms – despite genetics!
  • Heal metabolism to be able to lose weight without starvation diets
  • Reverse health conditions – including anxiety, depression, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and PCOS
  • Find ENJOYMENT in exercise
  • Find FREEDOM in food

Although private training is completely customized, and can be tailored to heal injury and balance imbalances, we have found most women are working towards a common goal: increased muscle development in glutes and shoulders, tighter tummies, and overall better tone in the arms and legs.  Sound familiar?

Group training is coached in my personally refined style to instruct people to achieve specifically that!

You Can Expect To:

  • Increase your overall fitness
  • Tone your entire legs & develop glutes
  • Tone your core and arms

But more powerfully you you expect to

  • Feel the exercises working the areas you’d like to change
  • Understand how to incorporate different styles of training to accomplish your goals.  When to focus on heart rate? When to do 10 reps vs. 25?  What pace is best?
  • And most importantly, feel empowered to accomplish what you set your mind to!

All fitness levels welcome, as exercises will be modified based on fitness level.

You’ll be using balls, bands, your body weight, and dumbbells to shape your muscles and train your heart and lungs.

Group training is available in the following packages:

  • Drop in
  • 1x/week membership – $69
  • Up to 3x/week membership – $119
  • 6 Week challenge – $250
    Up to 18 Training Sessions
    SIMPLY FIT Total Nutrition Plan for Meal AND Workout Fuel
    SIMPLY FIT Recipe Book
    Before / After photos and measurements (if desired)