An Experience Customized Completely to You

Personal training is ideal for men, women, seniors and teens of all fitness levels to get CUSTOMIZED one on one coaching to:

(1) IMPROVE MOBILITY – Correct issues causing poor posture, joint pain, and imbalances, & ensuring safe & effective form on every rep.  It is SO IMPORTANT to follow a well balanced exercise plan with proper form to keep the body balanced and pain free as you train.

If you already have imbalances or previous injuries – we have Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists on staff, as well as very highly trained personal trainers who can work with you to correct shoulder, spine, and hip imbalances to reduce pain and prevent future injury.

(2) IMPROVE PERFORMANCE – Get faster, stronger, and endure longer.  You will pushing your body and mind to their limits* & reap all the physical & mental benefits you can imagine.  *This means VERY different things for different people at different fitness levels.  A beginner may find small dumbbells, body weight exercises, and walking on incline treadmill to be sufficiently challenging; and advanced person will likely need more weight, advanced body weight exercises (such as decline or handstand push ups, ab rolls outs, etc.), and keeping a running pace through cardio exercises. 

(3) FEEL BETTER – Fitness training has the power the increase blood flow and oxygenation in the brain, as well as change brain chemistry that is correlated with mood struggles such as anxiety and depression. We are not are not mental health professionals but we work with a local Psychology Practice to compliment treatment. As personal trainers, it is our experience that as a person improves overall health through physical fitness and nutrition, mental health conditions may improve as well.  Learn more…

Getting Started

Your training sessions at LIFT and LIVE will likely be different than any other workout or personal training session you’ve completed before. We focus on integrating a customized level of resistance training that will challenge both your muscles and/or your cardiovascular system with the proper amount of rest to reach YOUR goals.  Your personal trainer will use free weights, resistance bands, machines, and body weight to teach your body proper movement patterns to avoid injury and maximize results. Your workout will take place in our private personal training center. This means no waiting around for gym equipment to be available. You can move at the right pace for your goals.

You have to experience it to know if it’s right for you.  Contact us directly or complete this form and we’ll contact you to offer a free introductory session.  If you like what you experience, come on board with a package or a membership.

Pricing Options

We offer 25 minute, 45 minute, and 55 minute personal training sessions.  Most clients start with a 3 session trial, then transition into a larger package or monthly membership.

3 Session Trial Pricing Options**:
25 minute sessions – $109
45 minute sessions – $179
55 minute sessions – $209

Lift and Live Fitness Pricing Options PDF

Proudly servicing Audubon, King of Prussia, Collegeville, Phoenixville, Main Line, Valley Forge Areas