An Experience Customized Completely to You

All personal training includes a customized meal plan & customized fitness plan, and ongoing education and support for exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle to achieve health and fitness goals.

Your workout sessions at LIFT and LIVE will likely be different than any other workout or personal training session you’ve completed before. We focus on integrating a customized level of resistance training that will challenge both your muscles AND your cardiovascular system with the proper amount of rest. Your personal trainer will use free weights, resistance bands, machines, and body weight to teach your body proper movement patterns to avoid injury and maximize results. Your workout will take place in our private personal training gym. This means no waiting around for gym equipment to be available. You can move at the right pace for your goals.

55 Minute Personal Training Session for 1 person or 2 – The traditional workout program for when you have the time, have an injury, or want fastest results. Includes post-workout stretching – and twice the coaching and encouragement.

30 Minute Personal Training Session for 1 person or 2 – Looking for fast results? We help you reach your fitness goals with 30-minute workouts that are fast, intense, and fun.

4 Week DIY Total Program – DIY Programs are the answer to wondering IF your fitness and nutrition routine will get you results.  Follow our program for strength training, nutrition and aerobic training program customized to you that will be your map to success

  • 90 minute consultation includes full body fitness and nutrition assessment to guide customization
  • Up to 3 emails a week for the duration with any questions/support
  • Live videos with proper form of exercises and access to client tools