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LouHiking22I believe strength training is the most effective tool for transforming your body, increasing energy levels, preventing muscle/bone loss and improving overall health.

I entered the fitness industry as a Professional trainer in 2003 working mostly with clients in quest of muscle gain, strength and athletic performance. This was the primary focus of my education and also aligned with my personal fitness goals. Sometime around 2006 was a pretty significant shift in the fitness industry. Women, working professionals and even seniors seemed to ditch the treadmill and classes in favor of the barbell. As I began working with more and more of this new gym population, I realized this was not a fad but the more efficient way to get healthy and in shape for all fitness levels. The key difference between strength training and other forms of exercise is you will preserve or increase your lean body mass. This is favorable for anyone wishing to improve their physique in a short period of time. And remember, strength training can be used in many ways and is not exclusive to the d1 linebacker bench pressing 400lbs. For most, learning proper form and positioning, working with a moderate weight in a circuit will deliver the results you are looking for while preventing injury. I am still learning but 15 years in and 19,000+ client hours billed to date, I am confident I can help 90% of the fitness enthusiasts out there.

Below is a little about my fitness “journey” and a few physiques I wore over the years. My goals have always been focused on strength, optimal health and having the energy to be the best husband, father, trainer and friend I can be.   –“Strength is the adaptation that leads to all other adaptations you really care about.” – Charles Staley

Top left(grand canyon 2012)- “Big Lou” 250 lb 13%BF – Training 3-4 days/week in the 4-6 rep range, focusing on getting as strong as possible, no cardio and consuming 4500 calories. Best lifts: 385lb bench press, 455 squat and 545 deadlift. 

Below(St. John 2017)- “Medium Lou” 202lb 8%BF- Training 3-4 days a week in the 4-6 rep range, focusing on getting as strong as possible, no cardio and consuming 3200 calories. Best lifts: 310 lb bench press no spot, 405 lb squat and no deadlift because I am a wuss now and focusing more on hang cleans.

Bottom(Jersey shore 2010)- “huge/fluffy Lou” 310 lb 24%BF- Training 3-4 days a week in the 4-6 rep range focusing on getting as strong as possible, no cardio and consuming 6500 calories. Best lifts: 505 lb touch and go bench press, 635 lb squat and 585 lb deadlift. Only time I received a red flag with my health, high cholesterol/blood pressure. Disappeared once I got under 270lb. Also for the record jersey shore girls do not care how much you bench press 

My time off from training clients and running a successful business is always dedicated to my family. My two perfect boys, Vinny and Kody, are my world. I still love fishing down the shore, golfing and a few extreme sports here and there but right now it is far more important to spend time with them and do my best to be their hero. 

Lou learned very early on that, if he truly wanted to give clients the personal training and guidance to reach their goals and thrive in their lives, he needed to open his own facility with the kind of workout programs his clients needed. So that became the dream: to provide the type of atmosphere that cultivates success and true change in a person with supportive gym trainers. After years and years of preparation, the timing was right to pursue his dream, and he opened L&L Fitness with his wife, Larah.

Are you ready to train in a personal training facility without any distractions? Get the guidance you need? Actually REACH your goals? Contact us today.