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The combination of having a passion for fitness and helping others inspired her to pursue an education in Exercise Science. As a health care and fitness specialist, Brenda has helped many people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In Arizona, she worked as a health educator performing nutrition and exercise seminars. At Arizona State University, she worked in the recreation wellness center and adaptive weight room where she provided personal fitness training, assisted physical therapists, and performed nutritional and health educational counseling.At Valhalla Health Club, she worked with a variety of clients, from post- surgical, weight loss, marathon runners, and individuals with various medical issues. There she also motivated others as a group fitness training instructor, teaching a variety of classes – Kinesis, Boot Camp, On the Ball, Sculpt It, and Core Power, just to name a few.

Brenda specializes in developing a customized personal train identifying what motivates individuals to promote change.

Brenda has firm beliefs in teaching healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Her diverse background and expertise incorporates a safe and effective approach to fitness training using training techniques that inspire change through multi-tasking and varied challenges.

Brenda has had personal experience dealing with thyroid, SI joint, frozen shoulder, disc injuries, and hormonal/aging issues.  

Being active has always been an important aspect of my life since childhood. I thrive from both the physical and mental challenges that life has brought forth. After high school, I enlisted in the Army where I spent four years active duty as a medical specialist working in military hospitals though out the country.

After my second child, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I had to go to several doctors before being diagnosed. It was difficult to convince physicians that I was exercising and eating healthy and not losing weight.  Today this is a constant struggle. Even though I am taking medication, I still have times when I’m tired and hungry.

When I was 40, I suffered a devastating back injury. I was literally in bed for a year and was not able to exercise for two years. During the same time I was diagnosed with SI joint inflammation and to this day receive prolotherapy injections. Currently, I battle with pain management every day and I am limited with my activity.

In addition, several years ago I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and received physical therapy. It took a year to regain full range of motion. Then a year later, the same thing happened to my other shoulder.

Currently, I am dealing with peri – menopausal symptoms and taking a supplements to help with this challenge.

Overall, the desire and discipline to eat healthy and exercise had helped me overcome many obstacles in my life.