Hey all!

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I just got home from a family vacation in Florida.  Man it was great to get away and feel some sunshine on my skin, but my body certainly noticed that we were out of routine with … well everything!  Vacation is part of the reason why I lift – to be able to enjoy all kinds of awesome adventures and experiences and feel great in my bathing suit.  I DEFINITELY want to make sure that I don’t look and feel all bloated and gross when I’m away.   So I’ve figured out the most important things to do to make sure I’m feeling and looking my best while travelling.

I want to share with you all the top 3 things to help your body stay TONED and looking amongst the fun and festivities!

  1. HYDRATE – This. Is. HUGE. Make SURE to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water – on TOP of whatever adult beverages you’re enjoying. This will help flush out the toxins for all the weird stuff you’re eating and drinking, and keep you feeling more satisfied overall.
  2. SKIP A MEAL – On vacation, we eat out most meals. And that means portions are larger, food is richer – generally higher in fat and salt than if we made it ourselves. Stay on track with your typical daily food intake AND give your digestive system a rest by skipping a meal.  That’s right.  I said it.  Fast through breakfast, lunch, OR dinner.  If you are definitely hungry, eat a light snack like a protein shake or fruit and vegetables with a tablespoon or two of dip, nut butter, or nuts.
  3. STAY ACTIVE – While getting in a run, lift, or yoga session would ideally happen on vacation, sometimes it’s not in the cards. Vacation is a time of extremes, and that means lots of extra time with the people you’re travelling with. Hopefully you can get everyone together for a workout, but IF NOT….make sure to stay active.  Walk a lot.  Go for a hike to enjoy the scenery and explore.  Swim in the ocean or the pools.  Throw a ball around on the beach or in a park.  Rent bikes or paddle boards or surrey.  Go jet skiing.  WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep your body moving!

Follow these 3 tips and you’ll be on track to keep your body looking and feeling its best for those shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits!

Larah Kornfeind, MA, CPT, co-owner of Lift and Live Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with her Masters in Education and BA in Biology has utilized diet and exercise to help over hundred of others and herself to overcome severe digestive issues post stomach surgery at 18 years old, depression and anxiety in early 20’s, PCOS diagnosed at 23, pre-diabetes at 31, nail biting (since I was a little kid, I stopped when I was 31 as a nice side effect to correcting nutritional deficits), and to create two beautiful boys (currently ages 1 and 3) and nurse each of them until 11+ months of age.