You know what I do with all the Easter treats after Easter?  I THROW THEM OUT.

Ain’t no body eating cadbury eggs for breakfast in our house!  You may think that is cruel to do with a 2 year old and 4 year old at home.  I think it’s fine.

I think holidays are meant to be ONE DAY (with the exception of Hannakuh, of course!).  ONE DAY of worship, 1 day eating weird things at weird times, 1 day of getting the extended family together.

In my family, we keep holidays to one day, and we don’t have to worry about anything.  We don’t open anything early, and we don’t keep anything after that day.  We get to enjoy anything we want on that ONE day, and then it’s over, so we don’t have to worry about gaining weight because it’s only ONE DAY!

This is my number 1 secret trick to not letting the holidays throw me off track!

Why 1 day Holidays are Better for You

You may think that you will gain more weight if you”let yourself go” completely on a holiday.  Not so.

Even if you really tried to overindulge, you’d be hard pressed to eat even 1000 extra calories, which would results in approximately 1/3 lb weight gain.

If you indulge in the week leading up to the holiday, and the few days of left over and treats after the holiday, plan on eating 300-500 extra calories per day, and you’ll gain 1-1.5 lbs!

Other tips to Survive Holidays to Keep Holidays AwesomeImage may contain: meme and text

  1. Stay Active.  You know you’re going to eat or drink extra calories on holidays.  So plan for it!  Food is fuel, be extra active.  Workout the day before, stay active the day of – take a walk, throw a football, fit in a workout on the holiday itself.  Then hit the gym again Monday.  Turn those extra calories into gains!Personally I had a very normal morning, followed about 3 servings on cheese with dinner (cheesy dip, cheesy broccoli, cream cheese fruit dip) plus a few pieces of chocolate, followed by a light dinner.

    All in all, I didn’t really blow past my average calorie intake if I had to guess. But, none the less, I got a full tummy feeling – and as predicted – my squats were going up easy today – the day after Easter!

  2. Stay Hydrated.  Water is magical.  It keeps you feeling full, helping to manage appetite in the first place.  Plus it’s good for your skin and just about every other system in your body.
  3. Skip Meals.   I said it.  If you eat a huge meal as part of celebrating, then you probably don’t need your other meals to be as big.  Go ahead and shrink them to snack size, or, depending on the timing of everything, skip the meal all together.  Easter brunch?  Skip breakfast (have a cup of coffee or maybe a small snack sized shake), eat brunch, have an early normal sized early dinner, then fast til tomorrow!

At the end of the day, holidays are meant to be happy.  I know that for me, eating delicious things is happiness in that moment, but taking care of myself, spending time with family and loves ones, those things are happiness that lasts.

Larah Kornfeind, MA, CPT, co-owner of Lift and Live Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with her Masters in Education and BA in Biology has utilized diet and exercise to help over hundred of others and herself to overcome severe digestive issues post stomach surgery at 18 years old, depression and anxiety in early 20’s, PCOS diagnosed at 23, pre-diabetes at 31, nail biting (since I was a little kid, I stopped when I was 31 as a nice side effect to correcting nutritional deficits), and to create two beautiful boys (currently ages 2 and 4) and nurse each of them until 11+ months of age.