The past few months I’ve been a bit of a mess.

I finished last season on a high note, finishing 9th overall female (out of over 1700 females) at the Spartan Race at Citizen’s Bank at the end of September, then things took a turn for the worse.

I went in for my annual physical in early November to make sure all was good.  The receptionist called to give me the results.  She said, “Everything is normal except 1 thing – you’re fasted blood glucose was 103.  You’re pre-diabetic.  The doctor recommended to increase your aerobic activity and eat healthier.  We will re-test you in a year.”  I had no reply.

Me?  A personal trainer?  A Spartan elite competitor?  A 31 year old at a healthy weight and body fat level?  How was that possible? Test again in a year?  That was not ok with me.  My body was showing signs of a developing problem and it would be easier and better for my health to address it sooner – like now – rather than later.

I was shocked.  Scared.  Offended. In disbelief.  In denial.  Worried.  Ashamed.  I literally cried at night thinking the impact this could have on my life, not being around as long as possible to raise my children, watch them live their lives, truly LIVE a long, healthy life.

I honestly couldn’t believe it.  I went out and bought a glucometer and was dumbfounded – after a week of fasted am testing, I hadn’t gotten a reading under 110.

Ego checked – it didn’t matter than I ran sub 7:30 miles, or that I could squat 165.  My pancreas or my cells didn’t care.  The only thing that mattered now is – How can I fix this?

I did everything I could think of.  I read books, read articles, talked to colleagues, and went in for an appointment with the doctor to discuss and develop a plan.  From what I gathered, I could address this within 4 weeks, and see complete recovery within 2-3 months.  I had my plan and it was time to execute.  

Fast forward to Tuesday.  It had been almost 4 months since my pre-diabetes diagnosis.  I went back to LabCorp for blood tests and anxiously awaited the results.

I did it. I beat it.  My glucose levels are comfortably normal as are a1c levels.  I WAS NO  LONGER PRE-DIABETIC!  I felt like I beat cancer.  I cried tears of joy and relief…and pride.  I did it.  No medication.  Just research based plan and consistent, diligent execution.

Just like any other change, this doesn’t mean I’m done.  It means I’m on a path that works – made the changes in mindset, in routine, in food choice, and behavior.

I did it.  And you could too.

Larah Kornfeind, MA, CPT, co-owner of Lift and Live Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with her Masters in Education and BA in Biology has utilized diet and exercise to help over hundred of others and herself to overcome severe digestive issues post stomach surgery at 18 years old, depression and anxiety in early 20’s, PCOS diagnosed at 23, pre-diabetes at 31, nail biting (since I was a little kid, I stopped when I was 31 as a nice side effect to correcting nutritional deficits), and to create two beautiful boys (currently ages 1 and 3) and nurse each of them until 11+ months of age.