Let’s Get that “Happy” Into Your New Year.

The holiday season is that wonderful time of year we get to spend extra time with friends and family….and eat and drink thinks that make us feel absolutely terrible.  January is that time we set the tone for the next few months – the choice is yours.  How do you want to feel – now? and when it’s time for warmer weather and less clothes?

Nutrition Challenge starts January 5th!

We’ll be running a nutrition challenge for all of our members!  Pick up a meal plan at a discount below if you don’t have one and make sure your email preferences are turned ON for promotions so you get all the info for this!

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Nutrition Challenge

Join us as we band together to forge healthy eating habits.  The challenge is to focus on foods and behaviors to ADD IN.

Add in:

  • 3 servings of vegetables / day
  • lean protein at every meal
  • logging your food – beginner: at least 7 meals/week, intermediate to advanced: at least 1/2 your meals each week.
  • 12 hour fast every night

Beginner: Minimize / Intermediate to Advance: Cut OUT

  • refined / added sugar
  • dairy (lactose)
  • pork products
  • eggs*
  • soy* (tempeh, tofu, edamame)
  • hot dogs of any variety*
  • cold cuts*
  • flour based products* (bread, donuts, etc.)
  • wheat*