6 Week Nutrition Challenge

Dates: Monday January 7th to Sunday February 17th
Entry Fee: $20 + $20 contribution to the “Pot”
Prizes: 1st – 50% of “Pot” / 2nd – 30% of “Pot” / 3rd – 20% of “Pot”

What’s Included:

  • Access to Private FB Group for support and accountability
  • Two food containers to help organize your food.  (You can also purchase more here)
  • 50% off Custom Meal Plans
  • 50% off Nutrition Fundamentals Seminar on 1/19
  • Challenge Game board

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and start the New Year off right – getting RICHER in every sense of the word!

We all know weight loss happens in the kitchen.  So does improved health.  So what are you waiting for?  NOW is the time.

Take the next 6 weeks to PROVE to yourself what you can do with your choices with food.

The overall challenge will be: EAT REAL FOOD.  NOT TOO MUCH.  MOSTLY PLANTS. 

Eat Real Food (Quality)

Real food is anything that was once alive. In this challenge – and beyond – choose food close to nature.  Choose meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, grains, starches, and NO SUGAR. This means we will be avoiding (or at very least drastically minimizing) the following foods:

  • Refined sugar
  • Legumes (peanuts, beans, chick peas)
  • Dairy (cow based cheese, yogurt, milk)
  • Alcohol
  • Refined vegetable oils (canola oil or margarine)

Not Too Much (Quantity / Portions)

Proper portions are ESSENTIAL for weight loss and weight management.

EVERY CHALLENGER will get a 3 compartment container with ONE larger compartment and TWO smaller compartments.  The larger compartment is for vegetables, the smaller ones for protein and carbs.  Add a serving of fat to your meal and voila!

What are the right portions, you ask?  Good question. 

Custom Meal Plans will provide you with the right portions for YOU to reach YOUR goals.  You’ll get custom calories, macros, meal timing, and sample day.  Custom meal plans are highly recommended for best results & 50% OFF FOR ALL CHALLENGERS!

As an alternative, here are general suggested portions:

  • Vegetables – 1.5 cup (or 1 cup vegetable and 1/2 cup fruit)
  • Lean protein – heaping 1/2 cup
  • Carbohydrates – level 1/2 cup
  • Fat – 1 tablespoon

1 serving for people with an ideal body weight under 165 lbs / 2 servings for people with an ideal body weight over 165 lbs

No additional snacking is allowed, and no going back for seconds. If you feel that you need additional food, you are allowed to eat unlimited vegetables (raw or cooked) at meals.

Mostly Plants

Every meal, regardless of time of day, should be made up of mostly vegetables. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables fills you up more and guards your health in the long run. For this reason there is no limitation on the amount of vegetables you can eat (raw or cooked).

How to WIN!

There are 5 total points available each day…

1 Point: For eating vegetables 3x/day
1 Point: For eating lean protein 3x/day
1 Point: For tracking your meals
1 Point: For cutting out the CRAP (Chemicals, Refined sugar, Artificial foods, Processed foods)
1 Point: For being in bed (without electronics) for at least 8.5 hours

ALL of these things are within your control.

6 weeks, 7 days per week = 210 points maximum.  You’re not going to get 210 points.  Get yourself mentally set for that right now.  6 weeks is too long of a time to be perfect.  But you can have perfect days.  Take it one day at a time, do your BEST, and you WILL be thrilled with what comes from the challenge!

To participate:

Step 1 – Register.  Make sure you have your meal plan ready.

Choose an Option

Step 2 – Download this sheet.  Mark your baseline – weight, measurements, pictures.

Step 3 – Take the Challenge!

Turn your sheet in at the end of the challenge.  The winners will be announced that week!

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for recipes that will fit into this structure, check out the link below from another nutrition challenge that used the same 3-component meal containers. There are a lot of great ideas here to incorporate some variety if you start getting sick of eating chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes at every meal.