“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” ― Ann Wigmore

Your Body. Your Goals. Your Personalized Nutrition Plan.

Nutrition is an essential part of EVERY lifestyle. No matter how much you work out (or how little for that matter), you won’t see the results you’re working towards unless you have the diet to support it.  Resistance training will shape your body and improve your metabolism, cardiovascular training will help your heart & lunge and burn calories.  However, 50-90% of performance and fat loss is hinged on what you are eating (and not eating for that matter!).

Simply eating at a caloric deficit does not necessarily mean you will lose weight. Your metabolism may slow down, you might break down muscle for fuel instead of fat…For successful weight loss, your hormones have to work for you to keep your metabolism elevated and burning fat while being in a caloric deficit.

Simply eating at a calorie surplus does not meal you will gain muscle. A proper training program combined with proper nutrients and eating those nutrients at the proper time will help you reach your goals.

Successful weight loss and muscle gain comes from proper hormone balance. When paired with personalized training program proper diet has the ability to balance those hormones.

We include dietary guidance in ALL private personal training memberships.

We have had success in increasing health of people who have been diagnosed with*

  • thyroid conditions
  • metabolic disorders
  • PCOS
  • binge eating disorder
  • fatty liver disease
  • peri-menopausal & post-menopausal
  • gluten intolerance
  • lactose intolerance

Nutrition & Meal Planning A La Carte

Customized Nutrition is ideal for anyone that finds general information is not drive the change wanted.

Optimizing your exercise program may alone be enough to see results.  However, if you get results from exercise alone, imagine potentially doubling your results by following a customized meal plan.  The customization process takes into consideration your body structure (height, build), body composition (fat vs. muscle), activity level, personal food preferences (i.e. allergies, etc.), gender, age, and goals.  This is common sense, because your body is literally built from what you eat and drink – however this is not common practice.

Custom Nutrition and Meal Plan  includes 30 minute review session – $99
You’ll complete a comprehensive questionnaire from which one of our nutritionists will build a custom nutrition and meal plan – including recommendations for water, meals and snacks through the day, fuel for workouts, and recommended portions and/or macros (your choice).  Also includes recommended foods and grocery list.  

Grocery Store Visit a la carte – $85 (within 10 mile radius)
After a discussion of which store(s) and/or farm(s) best meet your/your family’s needs, your trainer will accompany you to help navigate the store to fill your cart in the way that will feed you to meet your goals.  Most clients also wind up spending LESS than they were previously.  Usually takes approximately one hour in store.  

In Home Meal Prep Sessions a la carte – $85 (within 10 mile radius)
Food prep and meal prep is a skill that our certified personal trainers have mastered.  Your trainer will join you in your kitchen to do whatever is necessary to empower you to prep meals that will feed your body to meet your goals.  This usually involves organizing the pantry and refrigerator, teaching food selection and cooking skills, and teaching food weighing and meal prep skills.  Sessions last approximately one hour.  

Nutrition Coaching Package – $249
Includes Custom Nutrition and Meal Plan, 30 minute basic nutrition/meal planning lesson, grocery shopping trip (60 minute – within 10 miles.  Available further at additional charge), and food prep session at client’s kitchen (60 minute – within 10 miles.  Available further at additional charge)

Nutrition & Meal Planning Programs

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