Alignment Experience – Half Day and Full Day Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching Workshops

Step back from your daily hustle to focus your mind, strengthen your core, and align your desires with your reality.

If you feel completely off track with your health and fitness, off track with your life, – OR – you feel a desire to develop a deeper, stronger connection to yourself and the living world around you – the Alignment Experience is calling YOU.

Everything we think, do, and feel directly relates to the manifestation of our life. Even though we ultimately can control our thoughts and actions, many people find their lives feel out of their control and off track with their goals.

In my experience, someone else’s path or someone telling you to walk a specific path often doesn’t lead to lasting health or happiness.

So how do we find out way to lasting health, happiness, and fulfillment in a world driving us towards widespread physical and mental illness, polarized perspectives, and overwhelming us with choices?

The intention of the Alignment Experience is to create a dedicated space and a time to guide you to access your core and a clear view of the path that will create health, happiness, and fulfilment for YOU.

Clear your calendar for the morning. Come alone or with a loved one.

Fee for the experience includes a journal, snack, and refreshments

What to bring:

  • An open mind
  • A yoga mat

Overview of the Experience:

The “Mini” Experience is scheduled as a 3 hour session. We will follow the schedule loosely, to best serve the groups’ energy and needs

9 am Arrival & Intros

9:20 am Warm Up Exercise Session
Get your body aligned and your energy flowing with a Hatha Yoga Inspired Mobility Flow and Breath work

Post workout fruit smoothies

9:45 am Finding Your Vision
Coaching Session & Exercise Session

Connect with your core and focus your mind with a Breath & Meditation Session

10 am Activities
Please help yourself to refreshments while you explore:

  • Create a vision board
  • Journaling & painting
  • Mediation & exercise

10:30 pm Energizing and Empowering Your Vision
Coaching & Exercise Session
Energize and strengthen your body and alignment with a Stability and strength Workout

11:15 pm Release your Limitations
Coaching & Exercise Session
Cultivate openness, patience, and connection with Yin Yoga Inspired Stretching Session (plus Cardio Bursts)

11:40 pm Refreshments, final thoughts, and goodbyes