I feel bad sometimes for the current generation of fitness enthusiasts. Social media has been terrific for putting out motivating information but horrible for sending the right message. Before heading to the gym, simply check out any pro fitness’s instagram and you are almost gaurunteed to lift more weight! However, if you follow their routine, most usually end up burnt out and frustrated at the lack of progress after 3 months. Unfortunately, building muscle does take time and I urge you to be skeptical of any routine or supplement that promises otherwise.

The rules really haven’t changed since Arnold. Below are 4 research proven principles.

1.) Intensity- Regardless of the routine you choose, if you are training at less than 90-100% intensity, don’t expect much outside of improved mobility and local muscle endurance. The majority of the sets in your program should be taken to positive muscle failure. That means you should not be able to complete another rep on your own without breaking down form.

2.) Consistency- Obvious but needs to be said. If you are skipping workouts, don’t expect any routine to work. Plan out the year. If your routine call for 3 days/week, try to get in at least 150 workouts a year. That leaves 6 workout misses/year due to work, holidays, sick etc..

3.) Form- Goes with consistency. If you are constantly dealing with muscle and tendon strains that prevent your from progressing each week due to bad form, expect to spin your wheels. You need to be aggressive but learn how to spare the tendons and ligaments that work with each muscle.