We believe that the fittest, healthiest body is strong, flexible, and cardiovascular-ly fit.   
You catch glimpses of barre, pilates, strength training, HIIT, crossfit, and yoga in these workouts!
Grab a friend or make a new friend here, and get ready to take your fitness to the next level.  

Group personal training focuses on the aspects most popular in private training – 

Functional Mobility –

This is the foundation of all movement in life.  Mobility training gets you to be PAIN FREE, balances the shape and tone of your body, and helps you burn more calories with every workout.

The goal here is to have a strong, flexible, stable core that moves in harmony with your hips and shoulders. This yoga-esque training will challenge you to go deeper into movements – open your spine, hips, chest, and shoulders – and surprise you with how much stabilizing and moving your own body weight can be.  Stand taller, squat deeper, recover faster.

Functional Strength –

Once a baseline of mobility has been established, then functional training is what will make you stronger, and more confident through movement.  This is about challenging your mental and physical strength, and reaping all the benefits. You’ll become stronger, MORE TONED, develop stronger posture, and do things that make you feel like SUPER WOMAN.

Total Body Conditioning –

This is about getting the work DONE, and doing it as quickly as possible.  Burst of cardio mixed with strength and mobility challenges will push you to be better – LEANER, faster, stronger, and last longer.  Time to get the heart rate rising, muscles burning, and sweat dripping.  Time to LET GO of what’s holding you back and make a push towards your potential.

You’ll Fit Right In

DON’T WORRY – you’ll have the freedom to move at your own pace here at LIFT and LIVE.  So if you want to go slower and work on getting comfortable with the movements, you can.  And if you want to go all in, we’ll that’s just gonna be fun!

Groups are capped at 10 people – this intimate class size lets the trainer know everyone, ensure everyone gets the attention they need for proper form and the right resistance levels, and lets the participants really connect and bond in a cohesive group!

Groups are coached by a Certified Personal Trainer.  Expect us to explain the exercises thoroughly, show you how to do the exercises, then help whoever needs it to ensure everyone has safe, effective form.

Groups are not driven by the equipment we use, but rather by our purpose.  We’ll use mats, balls, TRX straps, weights, yoga blocks, sliders, spin bikes, resistance bands, and exercise machines to work towards a stronger, more flexible, more stable, healthier, happier YOU!

Women of all ages and fitness levels welcome, as the trainer offers modifications for all fitness levels.  Women only please.  


Classes are offered at

Monday – Friday @ 6 am , 7:45 am, 4:15 pm, and 6/6:30pm

Saturday & Sunday – 8:30 & 9:30 am

Please check our schedule for specific class days and times currently available!


1st Class 
$10 / FREE when you come with a current client!
Drop in …………………………
10 Class Pass …………………
20 Class Pass ………………..
1x/week Membership ……. $90      with 3 month commitment  (set up as 5 classes per month)
2x/week Membership ……
$160     with 3 month commitment (set up as 9 classes per month)
$180     with 3 month commitment (set up as 13 classes per month)
Unlimited Month…………..
6 Week Challenge………….
$299*  (offered 2x/year – once starting in March, once starting in September)
  • 18 – 1 hour total body training sessions across 6 weeks.  You DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND EVERY SESSION.  Make ups are available.
60 day slim down………..
$249/month    (offered 2x/year – once starting in May, once starting in October)
  • 3x/week group fitness training 
  • Custom Calories and Macros
  • pre & post challenge measurements, pictures, and body fat %


“The format of the training overall and of each class is unique to what I have experienced at other gyms – breaking it down to the basics so there’s a better understanding of my body and how it all fits together has been eye-opening for me. It’s more than just “pick up heavy shit and put it back down.” To be able to FEEL certain muscles during the movement as well as the next days sometimes after using *just* a band is very motivating and way more satisfying than I thought it could be. The post workout stretching and chatting sessions are great as well – adds in that mind and spirit element that is missing everywhere else I’ve been.

I noticed that I stand up straighter and pull my shoulders back almost instinctively (almost! Baby steps!) – which I think has helped me overall to decrease the pain in my shoulder. My hips have always been very tight and inflexible – and I’m finding that they are slowly loosening and I’m getting way more range of motion, deeper squats and lunges – which I think is helping my knees stay where I want them during leg movements. This has been way more than a “class” for me – I highly recommend you try it.”  ~Brandy Paul

“It has been a year since I broke my foot and started working full time. Its been a year since I worked out on a regular basis. I knew I needed to do something. I did not want to be that person that couldn’t find the time to work out. The person who surrenders to I am getting older. Then I found a 6 week challenge at Lift and Live fitness. I was able to talk 2 friends into joining with me and what an awesome 6 weeks it has been. Larah and Nicole are very knowledgeable trainers, I learned new ways to work my body, I looked forward to every work out. Each work out was modified to work for everyone in the class. Each week was a stepping stone for the next week. My main goal was to get there 3 times a week which I did with an added bonus of a 5.5 pound weight loss, a 3.7% reduction in body fat and a total of 6 inches off my body. I secretly believe I have one more marathon in me and with the help of Lift and Live fitness I now feel this is possible” -Colleen Nowakoski

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