Group Review Of RMR Results And Meal Planning

Have you heard about RMR Testing!?  This technology recently made available to the masses is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to weight loss and lean mass gains.  The test itself has to be done privately.  However, going over the results in a group setting allows us to keep your costs down, while still delivering a meal plan with custom Calorie and protein targets guaranteed to get you results.

Current pricing for RMR Test with a group review of results is $70 (accurate as of 11/1/2022).

This includes:

  • metabreather (required for test)
  • RMR Test
  • Printed results sheet
  • Optimize Your Metabolism – 25 page e-book with tips, “done for you” meal plans, and workouts plans, shopping list, and more
  • Nutritionist group session to help you understand your results and empower your success

Group Review of RMR Results can be purchased and schedule via the MindBody App!

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