This week we’ll get back in touch with the different parts of our bodies as we focus on the Mind-Body Connection.  Prepare to Inhale Stretch, Exhale Squeeze focusing on the bottom 75% of the movement to eliminate the “rest” at the top.  Get ready to buuuurrrn as you find and really activate each muscle!

1ST SPIN FUSION is THIS WEEK on Saturday at 9am!!!  It’s FREE!  Sign up (click schedule online in nav)!

Day Class Times Pace Targeted Areas Exercises to Expect
Monday all canceled canceled all canceled all canceled
Tuesday 7:45a / 7:00 pm Endurance Full Lower, Full Upper lunge and kick, lat push down, burgees
Wednesday 9:30a Strength Glutes & Hamstrings, Shoulders & Arms    . glute kick backs, DB swing, ham curl, front raise, side raise, tri kick backs
7p Stretch Full body
Thursday 7:45a / 7:00p HIIT Inner & Outer Thighs, Full Core plie walk, butterflies, oblique twists, knee tucks
Friday 9:45 a Strength Full Lower, Full Upper tip toe squats and lunges, push ups, 1 arm rows
Saturday 7:45 a fitness Endurance Glutes & Hamstrings, Shoulders & Arms    . fitness: DB snatch, overhead tris, and other more inspired exercises!
9a spin fusion endurance spin legs & core matted core work – plank and lying positions

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