This week we’ll be a “baseline week” where we return to fundaments exercises, and mark current baseline for range of motion, weights, and reps.  None of that fru fru stuff – just finding you limits on those good ol fashion movements.

Day Pace Targeted Areas Exercises to Expect
Monday Endurance Inner & Outer Thighs / Full Upper Body Plie squats, plank position core work
Tuesday Strength Flutes & Hams / Shoulders & Arms Deadlifts, Hip Thrusts, Shoulder Press, Tri Ex
Wednesday HIIT Full leg, Full Core lunge press, leg lifts, vertical jumps
Thursday Endurance Glutes, Hams / Full Upper Body lunges, hip thrusts, rev. fly, Burpees, shoulder press
Friday HIIT Inner & Outer Thighs / Shoulders & Arms Plie Squat (wall), lateral jumps, shoulder press, rev. fly
Saturday Strength Full leg, Full Core Lunge (overhead), Squat (wall), Sit Up, leg lift, oblique twist

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