4 Meal Series Focusing on how to FIT Food into a FIT Life!

Do you feel like food is holding you back from getting into the shape and health you want?

Get your questions ANSWERED and PRACTICE building and ENJOYING meals that will get you FIT.

Join Larah for hands on experience integrating food as a tool to enjoy life and reach your goals!

What to expect:

  • (4) 60 min trainings including make your own plate and enjoy!
  • Full spread including 3+ courses at each meal – each dish presented with calories, macros, & ingredients. (Food will be brought by us and by participants. Bring food or buy out if you prefer*)
  • Optional social time following each meal
Attend all sessions to get:
  • Improved ability to create balanced meals with proper portions for YOU
  • Increased comfort with choosing recipes to work towards your goals
  • Improved understanding of nutrient timing, substitution to balance results with life!
  • Recipe book of all recipes!


Save the dates!

  • Meal 1 – SUNDAY 9/16 – 10 – 11:30 am –
    Potluck Brunch immediately following special 9am Group Fitness Workout @ Lift and Live Fitness
    Lecture Focus: Macros – What is the right macro balance for YOU & How to build a meal to fit your macros.

  • Meal 2 – SATURDAY 10/6 – 6pm – 7:30 pm – Home Style Potluck Dinner @ Lift and Live Fitness
    Lecture Focus: Timing Macros – Carbs at breakfast or dinner? or both?

  • Meal 3 – THURSDAY 10/18 – 6 pm – 7:30 pm – Ladies Night Out!
    Location TBD Lecture Focus: Special Occasions – Adjusting for holidays, nights out, and indulgences.

  • Meal 4 – SATURDAY 11/3 – 1-2:30pm Celebration Potluck Lunch @ Lift and Live Fitness
    Lecture Focus: TBD based on previous weeks


Pricing Options:

$90 series* / $30 drop in Any missed meals can be “made up” with a group fitness class.

*does not include cost of food. Each person will be asked to contribute food or drink of approx $10 value OR $10 cash. Full spread including 3+ courses and drinks will be available at each meal! Participants are encouraged to bring home an extra plate from whatever is left over after everyone is served!

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