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  1. The #1 Workout Mistake for Weight Loss

    The #1 Workout Mistake for Weight Loss is ... WORKING TOO HARD. It breaks my heart seeing motivated people put SO MUCH ENERGY into their workout routines at the gym every week. The truth is – losing weight does require a lot of energy, but the MAJORITY (60-80%) of that energy should be going into hitting your Calorie and protein targets and being active through your days.  The other part (20-40%) should be going into optimizing your health and metabolism with healthy lifestyle choices and resistance training. Before we get to the details of that, let’s get a deeper understanding of our bodies. Understanding Weight Gain and Weight Loss Weight gain is a protective mechanism. Evolutionarily speaking, our bodies would gain weight when extra Calories were available to be able to survive the famine that would undoubtably come several times per year. Ten thousand years ago when humans hunted and gathered like the rest of the animal world, famine would come ever year in winter and sometim…Read More

  2. Where Do You Lose Weight First?

    So you’ve started making healthy changes to your diet – You’re eating adequate protein at each meal throughout the day You’re adding in 3-5 cups of produce and half your bodyweight in oz of water You’re in a Caloric deficit you know is necessary for weight loss Now what? Week 1 (Days 1-7) – This first week, three things are happening that can make the scale go down.  You can expect to lose 2-3% of your body weight if you do everything right.  You lose water. You’re eating more mindfully and likely have minimized or eliminated foods to cause inflammation – refined sugar, alcohol, plus other foods you might be sensitive to (like dairy or gluten, for example) – so your total inflammation levels will drop. Decreased inflammation = decreased excess water = scale goes down You lose bowel contents. You’re establishing a Calorie deficit, maybe a big one.  Many people start their “diets” with a bit of an unsustainable extreme.  For example, if 1700 Calories is sustai…Read More

  3. Workout SMARTER not HARDER to Lose Weight

    Weight Loss Workout Plan Below! It breaks my heart to see people working SO HARD in the gym to lose weight – spinning every day, running on the road looking like they’re dying, running high intensity sprints on a treadmill, training weights to failure.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO KILL YOURSELF IN THE GYM TO LOSE WEIGHT! First and foremost – your gym routine is IRRELEVANT if you don’t have a nutrition routine. You CAN out-train a bad diet if you are exercising 2-6 hours per day, but if you’re overweight or obese, that level of exercise could cause extreme soreness, damage to your joints, and you probably don’t have the time for it anyway.  So back to nutrition – Your daily nutrition NEEDS TO BE the driving force of your weight loss. Everyone knows you need to create a Calorie deficit, but that’s not enough... You need to eat approximately 20% Calorie deficit to YOUR Resting Metabolic Rate (which metabolic rates can vary 40-60% from someone with “slow” metabolism to someon…Read More

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  1. Metabolic Testing Can GUARANTEE Your New Years Weight Loss Program Success

    Weight loss is the #1 New Year’s resolution, but only 20% of weight loss resolvers are still working on it come February.  Why?  Because most diets fail to give results that are worth the effort.  Metabolic testing and body fat measurement gives your exact Calorie and Protein target.  Combine …Read More

  2. What Is A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test?

    What Is A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test? What Is Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)? Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the number of Calories your body requires to stay alive.  “Staying alive” includes hundreds of tasks, including your body warm, digesting food, building new cells, and getti…Read More

  3. Protein Shake Recipes

    Protein shakes are a convenient way to supplement protein and overall nutrient intake and can be part of a sustainable and success nutrition plan that fuels your body to reach your goals. The only problem - they can get boring if you're not mixing it up.  Shakeology has put together these calendars…Read More

  4. Core principles of muscle building

    I feel bad sometimes for the current generation of fitness enthusiasts. Social media has been terrific for putting out motivating information but horrible for sending the right message. Before heading to the gym, simply check out any pro fitness's instagram and you are almost gaurunteed to lift more…Read More

  5. Do NOT Let the Numbers Decide How Good You Get to Feel Today

    THIS STORY is exactly WHY: We use an OMRON body comp here to assess body comp for most clients. It is used in the medical community and widely accepted as accurate within 2% body fat. Perhaps you've used one before? (We also use calipers, which are MUCH more cumbersome, and have larger human error, …Read More

  6. The 4 Phases of Weight Loss

    We've all had that experience of waking up in the morning weighing a certain amount, then stepping on the scale that night only to learn that we've "gained 4 pounds."   Yes, your body weights 4 pounds more, but NO, you did NOT gain 4 pounds of mass on your body!  You probably ate food, drank wate…Read More

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