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  1. Group Fitness Workouts Week of 8/19/18

    It's POWER week - with a little something extra - CONTROL. Get ready to CONTROOOLLLL the negative portions as you lower the weight and inhaaallle, then POWER UP with a powerful exhale. POWER is what makes the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete.  And we were ALL born to be athle…Read More

  2. Group Training Workouts of the Week – 8/6/18 – 1st BIKE WEEK EVER!

    If you've been keeping up with ANNNY of our social media, you know - we JUST got spin bikes!  Not just any spin bikes, but the top choice of cyclists on the market - Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus spin bikes with console upgrade! We had our 1st Spin Fusion class on Saturday, AND we're SO EXCITED to …Read More

  3. Group Training Workouts of the Week – 7/30/18

    This week we'll get back in touch with the different parts of our bodies as we focus on the Mind-Body Connection.  Prepare to Inhale Stretch, Exhale Squeeze focusing on the bottom 75% of the movement to eliminate the "rest" at the top.  Get ready to buuuurrrn as you find and really activate each m…Read More

  4. Group Training Workouts of the Week – 7/23/18

    This week we'll be a "baseline week" where we return to fundaments exercises, and mark current baseline for range of motion, weights, and reps.  None of that fru fru stuff - just finding you limits on those good ol fashion movements. Day Pace Targeted Areas Exercises to Expect Monday Endurance Inne…Read More

  5. Do NOT Let the Numbers Decide How Good You Get to Feel Today

    THIS STORY is exactly WHY: We use an OMRON body comp here to assess body comp for most clients. It is used in the medical community and widely accepted as accurate within 2% body fat. Perhaps you've used one before? (We also use calipers, which are MUCH more cumbersome, and have larger human error, …Read More

  6. The 4 Phases of Weight Loss

    We've all had that experience of waking up in the morning weighing a certain amount, then stepping on the scale that night only to learn that we've "gained 4 pounds."   Yes, your body weights 4 pounds more, but NO, you did NOT gain 4 pounds of mass on your body!  You probably ate food, drank wate…Read More

  7. Posture/Execution cues for better results in the gym

    For most, especially those starting a strength routine, it is much easier to work the wrong muscles than the intended ones. These are called compensation patterns. Take the bench press for example. Most do not have the flexibility to touch the bar to the chest with a flat back without shrugging the …Read More

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