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Health & Fitness Tips

  1. Protein Shake Recipes

    Protein shakes are a convenient way to supplement protein and overall nutrient intake and can be part of a sustainable and success nutrition plan that fuels your body to reach your goals. The only problem - they can get boring if you're not mixing it up.  Shakeology has put together these calendars so you never have to get bored of your protein shake again.  …Read More

  2. Core principles of muscle building

    I feel bad sometimes for the current generation of fitness enthusiasts. Social media has been terrific for putting out motivating information but horrible for sending the right message. Before heading to the gym, simply check out any pro fitness's instagram and you are almost gaurunteed to lift more weight! However, if you follow their routine, most usually end up burnt out and frustrated at the lack of progress after 3 months. Unfortunately, building muscle does take time and I urge you to be skeptical of any routine or supplement that promises otherwise. The rules really haven't changed since Arnold. Below are 4 research proven principles. 1.) Intensity- Regardless of the routine you choose, if you are training at less than 90-100% intensity, don't expect much outside of improved mobility and local muscle endurance. The majority of the sets in your program should be taken to positive muscle failure. That means you should not be able to complete another rep on your own without breakin…Read More

More Blog Posts

  1. Do NOT Let the Numbers Decide How Good You Get to Feel Today

    THIS STORY is exactly WHY: We use an OMRON body comp here to assess body comp for most clients. It is used in the medical community and widely accepted as accurate within 2% body fat. Perhaps you've used one before? (We also use calipers, which are MUCH more cumbersome, and have larger human error, …Read More

  2. The 4 Phases of Weight Loss

    We've all had that experience of waking up in the morning weighing a certain amount, then stepping on the scale that night only to learn that we've "gained 4 pounds."   Yes, your body weights 4 pounds more, but NO, you did NOT gain 4 pounds of mass on your body!  You probably ate food, drank wate…Read More

  3. Posture/Execution cues for better results in the gym

    For most, especially those starting a strength routine, it is much easier to work the wrong muscles than the intended ones. These are called compensation patterns. Take the bench press for example. Most do not have the flexibility to touch the bar to the chest with a flat back without shrugging the …Read More

  4. My Secret Holiday Tips

    You know what I do with all the Easter treats after Easter?  I THROW THEM OUT. Ain't no body eating cadbury eggs for breakfast in our house!  You may think that is cruel to do with a 2 year old and 4 year old at home.  I think it's fine. I think holidays are meant to be ONE DAY (with the exceptio…Read More

  5. Top Tips for Keeping Toned through Vacation

      Hey all! I just got home from a family vacation in Florida.  Man it was great to get away and feel some sunshine on my skin, but my body certainly noticed that we were out of routine with … well everything!  Vacation is part of the reason why I lift - to be able to enjoy all kinds of awesome …Read More

  6. Cramp! Why It’s Happening and How to Stop It.

    Muscle cramps.  If you've ever had them, they're terrible.  They strike without warning, are incredibly painful during the attack, and can sometimes cause damage that lingers for days afterwards. Your body is trying to tell you something.  Let me translate.  Your body says, "Hey, your muscles ar…Read More

  7. The Breakdown on Protein Powder – Which One, When, and Why?

    I came across this great article on Whey Protein powders on that reminded on a question I get asked ALL THE TIME: Should I be using protein powder?  And if yes, which one, when, and why?  They give a review of a ton of different protein powders based on your goal and your budget.  Very worth che…Read More

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