A fitness assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your health and physical status.  Traditionally, these screenings are used for medical purposes or to assess whether an individual is able to participate (Coast guard, Law enforcement, Sport readiness, etc..). A no risk assessment, which eliminates CV and musculoskeletal injury risks, can be conducted by removing the Strength/Endurance testing.

As of June 2020, due to Covid-19, this product has been very popular with the general fitness client(non-member), who is more comfortable working out in their home. A pre-assessment allows the ex-gym-goer to eliminate injury and workout more effectively in the comfort of their home.


Test duration: 75 minutes- Report emailed within 24 hours

1.) General Health Evaluation- Vital sign measurements

2.) Body composition

3.) Cardiovascular

4.) Strength

5.) Mobility

6.) Movement Pattern/Dysfunction 


Price: $149/covered