Spring is HERE!  & Summer is COMING!
Are you ready to take your body to the next level? 
  • Want to TONE your body? Especially your arms, core, and glutes?
  • CORRECT posture? – And alleviate joint pain and visual imbalances that come from poor posture?
  • INCREASE your metabolism? So you’ll have more energy and be able to lose weight?
Then you NEED to get in on this –
6 Week Group Fitness Challenge is BACK – Starting April 1st!
Add up to 3 hours of exercise and flexibility training per week PLUS nutrition coaching and motivation!  All for less than a trip to starbucks per day.

My name is Larah Kornfeind, and I’m a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, owner of Lift and Live Fitness, wife, and mom of 3 and 5 year old boys.
I created this 6 week challenge to give ALL women ALL the essential tools and knowledge to shape their bodies how they imagine – tight arms, flat stomach, toned glutes.
New to resistance training?  Have physical limitations?  Already in good shape, but looking for more?  Great!  This program is for you.
I have worked with women privately for over 7 years, and while they are all unique in their own way, and no two goals were the same, EVERY WOMAN I’ve worked with has needed the SAME FOUNDATION to reach their goals.
This 6 week challenge will teach you
  • How to target those “hard to reach areas” like the back of your arms, your lower abs, and your outter butt.    HINT: You need MORE than just the right exercise!!!
  • The right form, resistance, and rep range for YOUR body type, and YOUR goals.
  • Proper breathing for optimize results (and enjoyment!).
  • The right combination of weights, cardio, and food to reach your goals.
  • How to implement the final factor most commonly missing and PREVENTING women from reaching their fitness goals – flexibility.
You’ll complete the challenge stronger and empowered, with a routine in hand that can give you all the changes you want.
This 6 week training is only available to 10 more COMMITTED WOMEN.
What’s included:
  1. up to 18  – 55 minute total body training sessions is a SMALL GROUP setting across 6 weeks
  2. one 30 minute private training session (for new clients only)
  3. Complete 6 week training program (over 40 pages! of ALL the information, videos, and workouts we’ll do together!)
  4. 10 Day Shred nutrition e-guide – NEW!
  5. access to private facebook group
  6. PLUS – Every Personal Attends At Least 16 of 18 Sessions Will be Eligible to Get $50 worth of training at LIFT and LIVE PLUS a piece of apparel – FREE!
This is over a $450 value, for only $349.  
BUT I’m offering a special deal to clients who COMMIT NOW.
Early Bird Special – Commit by Thursday 2/21 – $299    
Even better…..REPLY NOW!  and get an even BIGGER DISCOUNT!  
SECOND Woman to Commit – $70 OFF – $279
Email Larah@Liftandlivefitness.com TO CLAIM YOUR SPOT.
This is not a gimmick.  This is just something I’m very excited about!
*There are several other very doable requirements to receiving the free training post-challenge!
All fitness levels welcome.
All exercises will be modified based on fitness level.