We offer an integrative holistic approach to train your body and mind for you to be a stronger, healthier, more vibrant YOU

Fitness   +   Nutrition   +   Yoga

We work with all fitness levels from ages 12 through senior citizen to accomplish both health, fitness, and wellness related goals.

Since opening Lift and Live Fitness, and having the freedom to train people holistically with integration of fitness, nutrition, and yoga together, and discuss exercise outside the training sessions, discuss nutrition, coordinate with other wellness practitioners – we have watched the “impossible” happen.  As you train and improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, health, and balance, yes, you will change your body.  You can also change your life.

Personal fitness and nutrition training CAN be about big chest and arms for guys and big booties and tight abs for women, BUT it can also be SO MUCH MORE…

We have trained teens and adults to accomplish a wide variety of health and fitness goals:

  • Shape & Tone – regardless of genetics.  You CAN build shape there!!
  • Increase Size & Strength – even if you were never athletic.
  • Improve Athletic Performance – for teen athletes, weekend warriors, and amateur and professional athletes.  We have a high level training team that can improve your physical and mental game.
  • Healthy Pregnancy & Post Pardum Recovery
  • Increase Energy And Confidence
  • Manage Health – We have worked with people and their medical professionals to address pre-diabetes, thyroid conditions, metabolic disorders, PCOS, binge eating disorder, fatty liver disease, and reduce peri-menopausal & post-menopausal symptoms.

Regardless of the age and fitness level, our approach is the same:

Step 1 – Assess current ability level in regard to your goal.  For example, if your goal is weight related, we’ll assess current fitness and nutrition in a standardized 60 minute evaluation to learn your personal areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2 – Work with you to develop an approach to strengthen your areas of weakness, both in fitness (i.e. cardiovascular and flexibility) and nutrition (i.e. meal planning and meal preparation).

Step 3 – Execute that plan.  As you train, we’ll be continually revisiting step 1, ensuring you hard work is moving in the direction you want to go, closer and closer to accomplishing exactly what you set out to do, and even more. Proudly servicing Audubon, King of Prussia, Collegeville, Phoenixville, Main Line, Valley Forge Areas