NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NicoleHeadNicole’s purpose as a Certified Personal Trainer is to motivate individuals to find the DRIVE within themselves to become physically and mentally strong and confident. She loves sharing her passion and aims to teach others to enjoy the whole process of pursuing and sustaining lasting health, instead of focusing on fast, fleeting results. 

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Currently pursuring Registered Dietitian Degree at West Chester University
  • NPC Bikini Competitor

Nicole’s specializes in training women to

  • Improve their physical health
  • Increase fitness level
  • Increase self confidence
  • Improve body image
  • Develop healthy relationships with food



Before she found her passion and outlet with training and nutrition, Nicole participated in unhealthy habits that she once believed were normal.NicoleBody

In 2012, Nicole hated the gym and would try to avoid it as much as possible. She would also stay up until 2:00 a.m. and sleep until noon. In order to regulate her exhaustion, she would counter her poor sleep with three hour naps a day. Nicole would fuel her body with Oreos for lunch and a huge dinner. She went out to restaurants and bars frequently, and barley slid by though high school and her early years in college.

Somewhere in the midst of life, Nicole realized that just because she was skinny did not mean she was healthy. Nicole treated her body horribly and she knew she needed to make a change. Without a change, she would continue to feel malnourished, sleep-deprived, and all-together unhealthy.

Nicole’s journey took a turn when she decided to go to the gym one night in 2013.

As Nicole began learning about working out, she would research workouts, tutorials, and nutritional guidance in her free time. She would research the same fitness related topic three different times to make sure the sources were correct. Soon after learning more about exercise, Nicole fell in love with the nutrition part of the lifestyle. Nicole realized she could not train well while not eating well. Food is fuel. She started taking classes for nutrition and declared it her major.

While Nicole was never an athlete with team spots, she considers herself an athlete in the gym. She loves to push herself. To her, it is not about the current stats, but the progress in between.

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