• Grow booties, shrink bellies, and shape arms – despite genetics!
  • Heal metabolism to be able to lose weight without starvation diets
  • LOOKING like you’re in shape (because you will be!)
  • Find ENJOYMENT in exercise
  • In finding a deeper connectedness with your body through exercise
All of that is now available with this unique group fitness training.

The group fitness is coached in my personally refined style, rotating through workouts focused on endurance, stamina, or strength.  Each workout will target a muscle group on the upper body (arms, core, or chest/back) and a muscle group on the lower body (quads/calves, glutes/hamstrings, inner/outer thighs/deep glutes).

All fitness levels welcome, as a modification to increase or decrease challenge level will be offered for each exercise.

You’ll be using balls, bands, your body weight, and dumbbells to shape your muscles and train your heart and lungs.

OF COURSE you can expect to

  • Increase your overall fitness
  • Tone your entire legs & develop glutes
  • Tone your core and arms

But more powerfully you you expect to 

  • CONNECT into your body
  • Feel the exercises working the areas you’d like to change
  • Feel empowered to accomplish what you set your mind to
  • Improve your relationship with your body and body image

Group Training is SAFE for all persons without an active injury and a CHALLENGE for all fitness levels.


Classes are offered in the morning, late morning, evenings, and weekends.  Please check our schedule for specific class times currently available!  The classes listed on this calendar MAY HAVE CHANGED!


1st Class FREE!
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5 Class Pass
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20 Class Pass
6 Week Challenge 

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  • up to 18 – 1 hour total body training sessions.  You DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND EVERY SESSION 
  • TOTAL Nutrition Plan for Meal AND Workout Fuel
  • SIMPLY FIT Recipe Book
  • (2) 15 Minute Coaching Sessions, including Before / After photos and measurements (optional)

*after $70 cash back upon completing challenge


1x/week Group Training – Auto Renew
$69.00 every Month
Unlimited Group Fitness – AutoRenew
$149.00 every Month


“The format of the training overall and of each class is unique to what I have experienced at other gyms – breaking it down to the basics so there’s a better understanding of my body and how it all fits together has been eye-opening for me. It’s more than just “pick up heavy shit and put it back down.” To be able to FEEL certain muscles during the movement as well as the next days after using *just* a band is very motivating and way more satisfying than I thought it could be. The post workout stretching and chatting sessions are great as well – adds in that mind and spirit element that is missing everywhere else I’ve been.

I noticed that I stand up straighter and pull my shoulders back almost instinctively (almost! Baby steps!) – which I think has helped me overall with my shoulder. My hips have always been very tight and inflexible – and I’m finding that they are slowly loosening and I’m getting way more ROM, deeper squats and lunges – which I think is helping my knees stay where I want them during leg movements. ”  ~Brandi Paul

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