LIFT and LIVE (also referred to as “L & L Fitness”) is a family owned and operated fitness training facility.

Our Mission

at LIFT and LIVE Fitness is to educate, motivate, & support you to be a healthier, more physically fit, and happier you through fitness training.

By educating you as to the HOW and WHY of your exercise and nutrition training during your personal training sessions, we empower you to a higher level of success and freedom.

Personal training holds you accountable.  Period.  Your personal trainer gets to know YOU and why your goals are important to keep you focused and motivated to keep pushing.

Your trainers and fellow clients become your “fit fam”.  We’re a text or email away when you need us.  We also host social events throughout the year available to all our clients (past and current) and their family and friends.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is “health comes first”.  Health is the foundation of the highest level of fitness and happiness.  No matter your physique goal – strength, size, weight loss, tone – we strongly believe that it will be build from a foundation of strong, healthy joints and healthy internal functioning.  It is our experience that this approach decreases chance of injury and promotes longevity in making exercise part of life.

Building from a healthy foundation, our philosophy is “each client is unique” and requires a unique fitness training program to reach their goals.  The first private session is an opportunity to share your fitness history, your goals, and work with one of our certified personal trainers to assess your current fitness level.  From there, your trainer will be able to guide you towards the fitness and nutrition program to achieve your goals.

Certified Personal Trainers to Guide YOU to Achieve YOUR Goals

Select your preferred trainer (or combination of trainers), then the transformation process begins.  Your trainer will coach you through a customized physical fitness and nutrition plan to reach your goals.  Through fitness and nutrition training, we have helped clients achieve goals related to physical health and fitness, mental fitness, and physique goals.

Proudly servicing Audubon, King of Prussia, Collegeville, Phoenixville, Main Line, Valley Forge Areas